Sunday, June 5, 2011

Get To Know You, friends!!!!

Where was the month of May went? I took early retirement a few years now. Have tried to have a meaningful life since retirement, but still haven't find a niche yet. Even though I am a pretty busy body myself. Lots of hobbies.... cooking, sewing, dancing, singing, even getting my hands on pottery, but still not feeling fulfill. Something is still missing. The first few months of the year, up until tax day, I am pretty busy with my work, that's enough to keep me busy and feel productive, but the rest of the year? I have to find something to do to fill up the time. 
On friendship, on April 13, I ran into a real bad situation. Two persons that I knew for over two decades and considered best friends teamed up to back stabbing me for no reason. I was hurt real bad. I cried over the situation, and beating myself to death trying to find what have I done to them to deserve this. One of them got real sick last year and was hospitalized for over a week, I kept a vigil by her bedside. I cooked for her family while she was in the hospital. I watched her grandson so that her husband can have a break. The other, even though she is such a self-centered individual, I still befriend with her and hoping to have my influence over her, to help make her a better person. I have tried my utmost to help her improve her weakness and have done anything but supporting her when she needed me. There were times that I felt tired, but I kept on doing what I believe was right, be a good friend. I have done everything I can in my friendship with them. Can't find a reason for their actions. Finally, I realized that it wasn't me, it's them, they are not who I think they are, so there should be no love lost, and I am doing OK since. The only damage from this is my ego - I used to be proud of myself about judging characters and thought that I know how to pick friends. This incident prove otherwise, bruise my ego and make me more reserve now.
Anyway, I don't think about them any more. I haven't talk to them since, but I won't avoid them if I ever ran into them any where, I probably just say hi and go on with my business. I have lots of friends, and I categorized them into different levels. These 2 persons used to be on level 10, which is the highest level. The level where I can spill my guts to. Now, they are demoted to level 1, acquainted level, they don't deserve to be my best friends.
This year, after tax season, I started my school reunion right away, on the last weekend of April. T'was a time to reconnect and reflect. Even though we were out of high school for many decades now, we still find or create an opportunity whenever we can to get together annually, just gather to eat and enjoy reminiscence of years past. One of the teacher wrote in our yearbook "I wished you can forget the highschool years, the years that I can't forge". How true it is now. We can't forget either.

About 3-4 times a year, when the weather change season, I throw a party with karaoke and dancing to my local friends. These friends, some of them I have known for years, some I just know, regardless of time, some clicks right away and I want to know them better, some are just come and go to the party, have fun and that's it. With the bad situation I've just experienced, I have to be more careful of whom to know and what not. My party always has a theme, this party theme is all about school and friends. The food list include most of everything you can find in front of the school. from bò bía, gỏi đu đủ khô bò, xoài ngâm to cơm tấm bì, bánh da lợn, chè đâu đỏ bánh lọt.

With only one weekend off - meaning no party, no traveling, my husband has to go on a business trip in San Franciso. My son and his wife just moved there couple weeks ago. So my husband asked me if I want to tag along. Of course I will, first to see how my children settle in, then visit my sister and last but not least, seeing my highschool friends in San José.
with my friends in San José

I spent almost a week in the west coast, came home and sleep in my own bed for one night, then packing and heading to the beach, camping for a long weekend again. I camped with the families of 2 other friends. We had a good time.

I guess my body has its own limit. I came down with bronchitis after running like that the whole month of May.
OK, today I start this blog. Hopefully I will feel better and start back into cooking and baking to share with you some of my delicious recipes.

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